Due to the vulnerable children/young people on the ChildVision campus visitor and service restrictions are currently in place. If visiting the ChildVision campus please fill in our COVID 19 visitor form and submit the day before your arrival.

Our Vision

To provide a supportive and inclusive learning community where disability does not create a barrier to the fulfilment of aspiration or ambition.

Our Values

Person-centered Inclusivity

Delivering a person-centered, inclusive service that embraces diversity and encourages participation.


Professional and critical practice.

Transparency and Accountability

Transparent and accountable decision making made in consultation with stakeholders.

Safety and Integrity

Integrity of care and utmost safety are the pillars of all our interactions with our young people.

Valuing Uniqueness

Valuing the unique attributes of each child and young person.

Our Strategic Plan

This strategy is built on our core values of compassion, reflection and innovation and is designed to sustain an enduring culture of dignity.

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